On today’s episode, we’re talking with Joe Worthing, president of Glassman Recycling & Repurposing. Find out how he started his business during a pandemic and why he refuses to take any government money.




Down To Business:

On today’s episode of Just Biz, Omaha Style we’re talking with Joe Worthing, president of Glassman Recycling & Repurposing.

Glassman began in Omaha with a vision of helping people by eliminating the waste of money, material and energy associated with the disposal of glass consumables such as beverage bottles.

Joe’s company eliminates waste by reducing glass to sand. Using special glass crushing machines, he can turn bottles back into safe-to-handle sand in a matter of seconds. After reduction, 50 glass bottles will fill the volume of just one bottle.

After the glass has been crushed, the sand is sorted into five sizes of aggregate. Depending on the size, the sand could be used for art, sandblasting, golf courses, glassphalt, landscaping, and the list goes on.

Listen to the full podcast to hear Joe talk about:

  • How he started a company during a pandemic
  • Why he refuses to take any money from the government
  • How he markets his business to people in the area
  • Who his main customers are
  • Why managing cash flow is difficult

Listen to the full podcast in the audio player above or the timestamps below to jump to a specific section.

Key Topics:

1:52 – Meet Joe Worthing

6:57 – In a pandemic?

13:21 – What he does with the glass

17:55 – Marketing

21:50 – Employees

23:46 – Customers

27:14 – How sand is used

29:37 – Failure and disappointment

35:06 – How to contact Glassman


Invaluable Insights:

“We’re trying to do this with zero government dollars. People think we’re nuts … Capitalism still works if you provide a service.” – Joe Worthing

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