On today’s episode, we’re talking with Dan Thompson, co-owner of Thompson & Thompson 3rd Generation. Find out how he started the roofing business with his brother and how he learned the trade.




Down To Business:

On today’s episode of Just Biz, Omaha Style we’re talking with Dan Thompson, co-owner of Thompson & Thompson 3rd Generation roofing company. His company specializes in residential and commercial roof replacements and repairs, as well as siding, gutters, and insulation, and has served the Greater Omaha and Plattsmouth areas for many years.

Dan always knew he wanted to start his own business, and he decided to open the roofing business with his brother Jim. He loves working with customers of all types and solving their exterior remodeling problems.

He holds numerous certifications including those from roofing product manufacturers. Dan is involved in his church and supports multiple non-profit organizations. When not working or volunteering, he enjoys traveling, fishing, hunting, reading and playing with his kids.

Listen to the full podcast to hear Dan talk about:

  • How to create a successful business
  • Different services he offers
  • What his first week in business was like
  • How Covid has affected his business
  • Common bad recommendations in his industry

Listen to the full podcast in the audio player above or the timestamps below to jump to a specific section.

Key Topics:

2:06 – How long Dan has been in business

3:32 – His first week in business

4:40 – Success in business

6:28 – Fear of failure

8:50 – Services he offers

10:33 – Covid

15:17 – Competition

18:07 – Hail damage

22:39 – Turning down business

25:55 – Expansion


Invaluable Insights:

If you’re going to do your own business, find something that people really need or really don’t want to do themselves.” – Dan Thompson

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