On today’s episode, we’re talking with Devon Foster, an entrepreneur who owns multiple businesses, including a trading card game company and an entertainment company.


Down To Business:

On today’s episode of Just Biz, Omaha Style we’re talking with Devon Foster, founder of The Collective’s Corner. The last year has seen a surge in the popularity of trading card games, something that Devon has long been interested in.

He turned his love of trading card games into a business while encouraging togetherness by hosting nightly rip sessions on Facebook, as well as expanding to include pop culture, shoes, trading card video games and anime.

Devon is also a DJ and owns an entertainment company called, One Note Entertainment in Omaha, Neb.

Listen to the full podcast to hear Devon talk about:

  • How he started Collective’s Corner
  • How he created an opportunity, despite COVID
  • How he got into trading cards as a kid
  • What prompted him to start a business
  • What challenges he’s faced
  • What his social media strategy is
  • How he started DJing and started an entertainment company
  • How he manages multiple businesses
  • What he wants in the future
  • What advice he’d share with aspiring entrepreneurs

Listen to the full podcast in the audio player above or the timestamps below to jump to a specific section.

Key Topics:

2:03 – Collective’s Corner

4:40 – COVID

6:41 – Trading cards as a kid

7:38 – Starting a business

11:15 – Challenges

14:15 – Pokémon

20:27 – Social media

22:58 – DJing and entertainment company

27:40 – Multiple business

31:03 – Future

32:45 – Advice

Invaluable Insights:

“My goal is people walk in and they think everything’s cool, pop culture and fun. ” – Devon

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