On today’s episode, we’re talking with Chevelle (Herring) Saunsoci, also known as Coach Chevy. In 2020, she turned her love of basketball into DVLP, a basketball program that helps kids develop their skills and play at the college level.


Down To Business:

We are talking with Chevelle (Herring) Saunsoci, also known as Coach Chevy. After a stellar playing career with Creighton from 2005-10, Chevelle returned to the Bluejay bench in 2013 as an assistant coach.

Coach Chevy spent 7 years coaching in the Division 1 level at Creighton University. She focused on recruiting, player development, and her offensive scheme. Her role in player development and offensive scouting helped Creighton to two second-round NCAA tournament appearances.

When the pandemic hit last year, Chevelle decided to pull the trigger on a dream of hers and create DVLP Basketball. Now Coach Chevy is using her knowledge to help athletes who want to play college basketball through player development and Film-lytics™. Her ability to develop basketball players and her network of college coaches is helping players go to the next level.

Listen to the full podcast to hear Chevelle talk about:

· How she became a basketball coach
· Why she saw an opportunity gap in youth sports
· What types of basketball programs they offer
· Why she started a business in a pandemic
· How she has staffed her business
· How she handles social media and marketing
· How to get involved in DVLP Basketball

Learn more about our guest: https://www.dvlpbasketball.com/

Listen to the full podcast in the audio player above or skip around for certain topics.

Key Topics:

2:10 – Meet Chevelle

2:59 – Coaching history

7:03 – Opportunity gap

11:11 – Programs she offers

13:42 – Starting a business

20:35 – Staff

23:29 – Marketing

28:31 – How to get involved

Invaluable Insights:

“I felt very compelled and very passionate about what I’m doing.” – Coach Chevy

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