On this episode of Just Biz, Omaha Style, we’re talking with Jeff Cremers, who started his own CPA firm in 2012. Find out why he wanted to start a business, who his target customers are and how he handles a work-life balance.




Down To Business:

On today’s episode of Just Biz, Omaha Style we’re talking with Jeff Cremers, a CPA who started his own business, Cremers CPA, in 2012.

Jeff has more than 18 years of public and private accounting and tax experience in a large variety of industries. He has experience in accounting, auditing, taxes, business valuations, forensic accounting, estate planning and general business matters.

Jeff passed the CPA exam shortly before graduating from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln in December 1993 and started his professional career at Kiewit Construction Group, one of the world’s largest construction companies.

Today, he is navigating his business during a pandemic and says, thankfully, it has not had a negative affect on his business.

“Financially, it’s been mainly indifferent. It’s definitely increased how busy we are,” said Jeff. “It created more work because of all the CARES Act and other coronavirus-related packages that came out. Many, if not all, of my small business clients needed assistance in navigating through those and applying for some of the grants or PPP loans.”

Years ago, Jeff wanted to be a partner of a firm but realized he wanted to keep working closely with clients. So he decided to start his own business.

“I’m very hands-on with my clients. That just doesn’t work with larger firms,” he said.

Jeff also prioritizes a good work-life balance.

“I set aide at least two days a week for no meetings, no client meetings, no networking meetings. Those days I can just focus on getting work done with no interruption,” he said.

Listen to the full podcast to hear Jeff talk about whether he plans to expand his business, why he considers it a boutique business and who his target customer is. Listen in the audio player above or the timestamps below to jump to a specific section.

Key Topics:

2:11 – How Covid has affected his business

3:17 – Opportunities for his business

4:06 – Boutique practice

5:27 – Retainers

6:34 – Why he wanted to own a business

7:22 – Does he plan to expand?

8:14 – Work-life balance

9:35 – His target customer

11:11 – Has he ever turned down business?

12:40 – Biggest strength of his business

14:30 – Technology he uses

15:55 – Continuing education

17:40 – Biggest surprise

19:12 – Keeping educated clients

20:11 – What he’d tell his younger self

22:07 – Advice for young entrepreneurs

24:49 – How to contact Jeff


Invaluable Insights:

“I set aside at least two days a week for no meetings, no client meetings, no networking meetings. Those days I can just focus on getting work done with no interruption.” – Jeff Cremers

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